By-product development: Is there a way around?

During last three decades, companies have incorporated a strong affiliation to sustainability within every unit of their organization. The true idea of sustainability not only stands on the pillar of environmental, social and economic wellbeing but also ensuring an inclusive development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet companies own needs. Companies have been spending extensively for handling the solid, liquid and gas wastes not only to abide with the EPA laws but also remain socially and environmentally responsible. On the other hand, there is a growing support for McDonough and Braungart’s cradle-to-cradle (C2C) concept which advocates zero wastes or eco-effectiveness. There are companies who have adopted C2C concepts for their lines of products. Do companies, who spend on developing by-products from their process waste, actually observe long term economic benefits over companies who invest in treating process waste?

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