Sustainability Orientation: First step towards implementing sustainability principles and practices in an organization.

Productivity of companies have only increased over the years since the beginning of industrial era. These companies produced goods and services that solved consumers’ problem but at the same time they, unintentionally, produced emissions, effluents and wastes that raised new problems on the planet. Unarguably, the success in industrialization was followed by detrimental consequences on health of all living creatures on the plant as well as environment. During last couple of decades companies have been putting ample efforts to reduce negative impacts on society and environment with or without harming their economic goals. This became popular among firms as managing the triple bottom line. Companies have been facing tremendous challenges in order manage their financial, social, and environmental risks.
Environmental issues are now not only looked upon as a threat to the business world but innovation opportunities. Raise of companies like Tesla, Vestas and Trina Solar have proved that there are opportunities of radical innovation whenever there is period of crisis. Sustainability goals of companies and their realization of responsibly towards environment have enabled companies to make sustainability as part of their business framework. I belive that the first step towards making sustainability a competitive advantage, is to develop sustainability orientation by adopting clear policies urging environmental awareness, recognize stakeholders’ ecological requirements and outlines responsible use of natural resources.

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